Prime Mini Power Supply Black
Prime Mini Power Supply Black

Prime Mini Power Supply Black

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This is a high end power supply that only includes the best components for optimal use! The Prime Mini Power Supply provides the most consistent flow of any miniature power supply in the industry! Comes with 3M Anti-Slip padding to prevent power supply from sliding on any surface. Each power supply is tuned and tested to run for 100 hours before it is packaged. Plug the cord in and get ready to tattoo!


Country: USA

Manufacturer: Friction

Product Type: Power Supply

Voltage: up to 17 volts


1 year warranty

Crisp LED voltage display

Small Device but powerful output of 1.5 amps

Feedback Volt Output Reading - Provides true voltage reading based on machine output

Worldwide recognition whether plugged in 110 or 220 volt service

3M Anti-Slip padding on bottom